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"Risk minimization in data anonymization process"

Come and join us in Barcelona for the 2016 PhUse annual conference. ...

“The new biosimilar market” / « Le nouveau marché des biosimilaires » - The 7th annual conference of DII.

“The new biosimilar market” / « Le nouveau marché des biosimilaires » - The 7th annual confer...

Afcros - “Clinical Research Day”.

Afcros - “Clinical Research Day” - January 26,2017...

[Conference] Meet Keyrus Biopharma at the "IFB eHealth Day 2017: patient health data in policy and research"

[Conference] Meet Keyrus Biopharma at the "IFB eHealth Day 2017: patient health data in pol...

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Scientific and medical communication

Scientific and medical communication is essential for all scientific and pharmaceutical businesses wishing to share their data with the scientific community, healthcare professionals, patients or health authorities.

Keyrus Biopharma’s Scientific and Medical Communication Departmentoffers both in-house and outsourced services, and training in Scientific and Medical Writing, Publication Management and Medical Information.

Our associates communicate clearly and concisely, with flexible communication styles. They adopt a rigorous, disciplined and organized approach, with an eye for detail. They have the scientific and medical knowledge required to assist you in all your projects and their expertise guarantees the quality of their work in scientific, pre-clinical and clinical research in many therapeutic areas.

Scientific and Medical Writing

Our Medical Writers (most of whom are doctorates) maintain the highest standard of quality, including our rigorous quality control process, which ensures an objective review of each draft and final document before delivery. The texts produced by our medical writing team are well-considered and incorporate the appropriate terminology.

All our documents are written according to the relevant guidelines (ICH, GPP2, ISO 14155, etc).

According to your needs and procedures, our team of Medical Writers, in collaboration with our Statistics, Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs Departments, can write the following documents: Assent forms, Briefing documents, Clinical development plans, Clinical study reports, Common Technical Documents (CTD), Drug safety update reports, Informed consent forms, Investigational medicinal product dossiers, Investigator brochures, SAE narratives, Paediatric investigation plans, Periodic safety update reports, Protocols, Risk management plans, Summaries of product characteristics, Abstracts, Newsletters, Peer-reviewed publications, Posters, Presentations for congress.

Our Medical Writers are members of the European Medical Writing Association (EMWA).

Publication Management

Our Publication Managers are your first point of contact for the successful delivery of your publications in the shape of peer-reviewed manuscripts, congress abstracts and poster/oral presentations. They have the expertise to develop and deliver scientific publications in a timely manner, with full transparency and in compliance with the highest standards in publication guidelines and ethics.

According to your needs and procedures, our team of Publication Managers can provide the following services:

        Development and implementation of publication plans in a timely manner

        Publication planning and coordination from author identification until final delivery

        Coordination of publication steering committees

        Efficient communication with all contributors (authors, experts, writers, editors etc.)

        Accuracy and integrity of the data and scientific messages

        Publication editing and formatting according to the journal/congress requirements

        Identification of the most appropriate target journal/congress or audience

        Support to presenting authors in preparation for congress presentations

Our Publication Managers ensure compliance with international guidelines for publications (ICMJE, GPP2, ISMPP Code of Ethics, CONSORT, CHEERS, STROBE, PRISMA) followed by most medical journals and congresses, and are members of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP).

Our Publication Managers can therefore guide you through the complex ethical and scientific requirements of the international publication guidelines, for successful delivery of your publications.

Medical Information

Our Medical Information Specialists ensure professional handling and delivery of medical information according to sponsor procedures and the legal and regulatory expectations.

According to your needs and procedures, our team of Medical Information Specialists provides the following services:

        Development of standard questions and answers (Q&As) or standard letters

        Development and management of medical information queries

        Literature review

•        Review of promotional materials