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“The Benelux Pharmacovigilance Day 2016”.

Come and join us at “The Benelux Pharmacovigilance Day 2016” on October 11, 2016, in Amsterdam....

"Risk minimization in data anonymization process"

Come and join us in Barcelona for the 2016 PhUse annual conference. ...

KeyrusBiopharma is going to be present on the “BCF Career Event Belgium”.

KeyrusBiopharma is going to be present on the “BCF Career Event Belgium”....

DII 3rd annual conference on

DII 3rd annual conference on "Health data revolution"...

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Commitment to quality

Keyrus Biopharma management commitment is to maintain and optimize its quality policy for the benefit of its collaborators and its customers.

Our quality policy is to anticipate and meet the requirements of our customers and ensure their satisfaction. This is totally transcribed through our quality charter.

Keyrus Biopharma management is committed to develop its quality approach, by identifying objectives and allocating human and material resources in order to conduct its business with competence, efficiency and reliability.


A comprehensive set of services is carried out by teams of qualified people, expert in the clinical trials process. Every employee in these teams works in compliance with current regulations and either Keyrus Biopharma’s or our client’s standard operating procedures.

A training plan for every employee is drawn up with the aim of optimising performances.


A high level of supervision allows us to clearly identify client requirements and monitor services and staff appropriately.

Our staff has appropriate tools and favourable working conditions to meet and perform the assigned tasks on time.


Our staff is continually encouraged to respect commitments (planning and budget).

The key information of project reporting destined for the promoter are validated by the head of department.

A career plan is built up over the long-term by each one of our employees.

These different elements allow a permanent motivation of our personnel and guarantee the respect of our commitments.

We live up to your expectations
Director Keyrus Biopharma